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This is what family members are saying about Stewart's Rose Manor Funeral Service...

Edward Colquitt (Husband of decedent, Mary H. Colquitt)  
"My wife looked lovely. Her service was handled with the utmost respect, class and honor. Stewart's Rose Manor did a fantastic, phenomenal work".

Louise Duvall (Wife of decedent, James V. Duvall) 
“I believe the services I received at Stewart's Rose Manor Funeral Service were exceptional. The entire staff helped me to make important decisions, which made for an honorable home going for my beloved husband. I want to thank the Director, Lydia Stewart, especially for her kindness and consideration for my family and I during the most difficult and trying time of our lives."

Willie Wafer (Husband of decedent, Ivory Lee Wafer) 
“The services provided and received by my family were outstanding. Ms. Lydia Stewart's delivery was always professional, caring, warm and thorough during the preparation and throughout the entire funeral process. She and her staff spoke comforting words, which put my family and me at ease and with a sense that everything would be all right.The actual funeral service was prompt and wonderfully carried out from beginning to end. My family cannot thank Ms. Stewart and her staff enough.”

Rev. Leroy Holland ]r. (Brother of decedent, Yvonne Holland) 
“The quality of service was excellent. The pricing was within reason. There were no hidden costs. I'm thankful for meeting Lydia Stewart even under the circumstances. She's a very gentle, giving person and her spirit seems to have a calming effect on those who have lost a loved one.”

Jesse Sandefur (Brother of decedent, Darryl E. Sandefur) 
“The services we received at Stewart's Rose Manor Funeral Service were excellent. My family and I were very pleased.”

Peter Jepsen (Husband of decedent, Oralia Hinojosa-Jepsen) 
“Stewart's Rose Manor Funeral Service was excellent in every aspect of their services.”

Booker T. Baker, Jr. (Son of decedent, Booker T. Baker, Sr.) 
“The overall quality of service I received at Stewart's Rose Manor Funeral Service was very professional. Lydia Stewart and her staff made things go very well. I’ve known Rose Manor, John Stewart, Sr., since the early 1960’s and have conducted business with the Stewart's family in the past. John Stewart would be very proud of the way his daughter, Lydia, is running the business today.”

Jesse O. Farley (Husband of decedent, Rosa M. Farley) 
“There is nothing more Stewart's Rose Manor Funeral Service could do to make things better. Their pricing was excellent. The love and help I received I will never forget. You are the best. I would tell everyone who might need your services to give you a call because you help and you also pray. Thank you for everything. May God Bless You.”

Mildred Watkins (Daughter of decedent, Ethel Mae Trunnel) 
“The quality of service I received was professional, business-like and compassionate, without a lot of unnecessary sympathetic rhetoric. While it was not the most pleasant of circumstances, we were able to get through the funeral planning and arrangements with the assistance of the Director, Lydia Stewart, in a professional, business-like manner, which made the entire process a lot easier.”

Mary Harold (Wife of decedent, Pastor Joseph Harold, Jr.) 
“The service was very good. Everything was done very professionally.”

Jimmie L Bradford (Husband of decedent, Almenia Bradford) 
“The services I received from Stewart’s Rose Manor Funeral Service were excellent overall.”

Dorris Washington (Daughter of decedent, Amanda Harris) 
"The service rendered was both business-like and professional. The Director, Lydia Stewart, went above and beyond the call of duty to ensure that everything was timely and in order. This is my family's second experience with Stewart's Rose Manor Funeral Service and I highly recommend their services.

Terry H. Jones (Husband of decedent, Elizabeth Jones) 
“The facility was clean and made one feel comfortable. Stewart's Rose Manor Funeral Services Staff gave personalized service! Professional from start to finish! Ms. Lydia Stewart captures the essence of professionalism! My wife was just the way I wanted her to look - elegant! Stewart's Rose Manor Funeral Service Staff were always available during the process. Everything went smoothly - timely and professional. Their pricing was excellent and I was very pleased with everything that transpired. Stewart’s Rose Manor also funeralized my mother. I was impressed with the way everything was handled for her which was the reason why I chose them for my wife's funeral. I would recommend their services to all of my family and friends. I am truly happy that I chose them for my needs, and I thank them from the bottom of my heart! God Bless!”

Deloria Brunner (Daughter of decedent, Genniette Jack) 
 “Stewart's Rose Manor Funeral Service was very professional and complete. At a critical time like this, our family really appreciated the timely and courteous manner in which they performed their services.”

Doris Parker (Daughter of decedent, Frankie Parker) 
"Excellent service.  It was just what he requested.  You're great."

Tamika Greenwood (Granddaughter of decedent, Oscar Loud) 
"Excellent service.  Personable treatment, sensitivity to all issues and professionalism of the entire staff.  Miss Lydia made an otherwise difficult experience manageable.  It was like she was part of our family."

Earl Roos (Son of decedent, Bertha Farr) 
"Excellent service.  My family has been with them since they opened.  Keep doing what you are doing (Lydia).  We love you."

Marshall Walker (Son of decedent, Pauline Walker)
"Excellent service."

Sandra Brown (Wife of decedent, Raymond Brown) 
"Excellent service - Professionalism of the funeral director.  Courtesy of funeral staff and my husband's appearance was excellent.  Thank you."

Gloria Hunter (Aunt of decedent, Derrick Jackson) 
"The professionalism you and your staff showed me and Derrick's family and the way you showed me how to do the things that needed to be done without stressing out.  Keep up the good work.  You and your staff have a way of making the people that come thru your doors welcome and ready to help them in any way you can."

Gwen Moore (Wife of decedent, Robert Moore) 
"Excellent Service"

Yvonne Davis-Homes (Aunt of decedent, Leslie Graham) 
"Stewart's Rose Manor provided excellent services to me and my loved one at this most difficult time.  Lydia and her entire staff are professional, courteous and able to meet the family needs for our loved one."

The Graham Family (children of decedent, Leslie Graham) 
"Excellent service.  Our dad looked so good.  He looked like he was just asleep.  Thank you Rose Manor for your beautiful work."

Arthur Adams (Husband of decedent, Joyce Adams) 
"Excellent service."

Mary Thomas (Wife of decedent, Robert Thomas) 
"The director and staff did an excellent job with my husband's funeral.  The compassion and kindness they showed to me and my family will always be remembered.  The services they provided were exceptional and professional from start to finish (or beginning to end).  Thanks again for everything you do."

Patricia Bolds (Daughter-in-law of decedents, James Parker and Margie Parker)
"Our family has exclusively used Stewart's Rose Manor Funeral Service for more than 25 years.  Level of professionalism, sense of compassion, excellent communication, and always a feeling of satisfaction during our period of bereavement from the beginning to the ending of services.  Keep doing what you are doing, the way you are doing it."

Victoria Bircher (Wife of decedent, Maurice Bircher) 
"The funeral services was timely and very professional.  We were unable to provide my husband's discharge papers.  Ms. Stewart surprised my family with a flag on the casket.  The bugle was played at gravesite and a folded flag was presented to me."

John Ellis (Husband of decedent, Barbara Louis-Ellis)
"The manner of presentation of services provided was excellent.  It was orderly and understandable.  Continue the excellent, personal service you are providing."

Cora Jackson (Wife of decedent, Robert Jackson Sr.)
"Very Good service."

Gloria Jones (Niece of decedent, Matilda Foster)
"Ms. Stewart and her staff were very professional and explained all our options and helped my family choose the best one.  My family has used Rose Manor for years even when they were located on 6th Street, Richmond.  Happy to know you are still in the community."

Alberta Nichols (Wife of decedent, James Nichols) 
"Very Good service."

David Hartfield (Son of decedent, Robert Hartfield Sr) 
"Rose Manor staff are very professional, caring, and go the extra mile for comforting and making sure our family was pleased, and we thank you.  Thank you so much."

Mary Mosley (Aunt of decedent, Willie Prince)
"Excellent service.  The service provided by Rose Manor for four of my close family members truly helped to make the loss of our loved ones easier to bear.  It was the care, concern, and compassion shown to us that I will always treasure.  Nothing more I could have asked of Rose Manor.  You have the most caring staff that I have ever met."

Linda Batiste-Jones (Ex-wife of decedent, Harold Jones Jr.) 
"I grew up going to 'view bodies' with my mom, so I have experienced the change from your father to you.  The quality of work is still phenomenal.  Lydia, your services for both for my mother, Emelder Batiste and my husband, Harold Jones Jr. were absolutely the best in the business.  I will always recommend your services."

Gretchen Ford (Mother of decedent, Nicholas Gibson) 
"Everything went to plan as I asked.  My son, Nicholas, was very well groomed.  Looked liked himself, and he smelled good.  I love Rose Manor; I can say you all are the best."

Norma Warren (Daughter of decedent, Lillie Gilbert) 
"Our family has used the services of Rose Manor since 1968 with Mr. John Stewart on Nevin.  None better, in my opinion.”

Michele Dilliehunt (Daughter of decedent, Rushel Dilliehunt Jr; and Mother of decedent, Leel Wilson, III)
"Excellent Service.  Very nice staff.  Keep up the good job.  God bless you."

Juanita Guillory (Mother of decedent, Mark Guillory) 
"The experience I have received from Rose Manor has always been outstanding.  I have always received excellent service (3 times).  I have always complimented the staff for their professional services.  I cannot recommend nor suggest any improvements on your services because each time I have used your services, it was always excellent."

Rosalyn Farmer (Daughter of decedent, Jewel Miles) 
"Excellent Service.  Everything was done in order; no complaints."

Delores Jackson-Stevenson (Wife of decedent, Norman Stevenson) 
"Excellent service.  I was very, very pleased with the way my husband, Norman L. Stevenson looked for his homegoing services.  I liked everything about the Service of Remembrance.  Most of all, I loved the fact that this beautiful ornament was placed on the tree in remembrance of my husband.  I love everything about the way you take care of our loved ones that's left in your care."

Belinda Green (Granddaughter of decedent, Mittie Smith) 
"Excellent service.  Your care and attention to my grandmother was beyond what I can express with words.  She looked so beautiful and peaceful.  She looked like the kind and loving person she always was.  You captured her true personality.  You provided a very necessary service with dignity, compassion, and professionalism."

Christine Robinson (Sister of decedent, John Wafer) 
"Excellent service.  You are the best.  Keep doing what you are doing.  You are blessed.  Keep up the good work; you are doing a beautiful job."

Waldenia Fallins (Daughter of decedent, Rebecca Adams) 
"Excellent service.  Everything that was done was in excellent taste.  The program was tastefully done and prepared decent and in order.  I do not have any recommendation or suggestions at this time.  I thank you for the excellent service you prepared on my mother, Rebecca Adams, in May 2014."

Barbara Williams (Daughter of decedent, Samuel Eastman) 
"Very good service.  Very professional and my loved one looked so natural."

Lela Hazzard (Wife of decedent, Arthur Hazzard) 
"Excellent service.  I couldn't see anything wrong with the service.  It was carried out nicely."

Gilda King (Daughter of decedent, Hilda Fisher)
"Excellent service.  I have used your facility for my deceased husband.  The service was excellent then and is still excellent.  Just keep doing what you are doing."

Annie King (Daughter of decedent, Hilda Fisher)
"Excellent service.  I thank God for Ms. Lydia Stewart and staff.  Ms. Stewart's professionalism surpassed the normal business of working with my family.  The attention, sincere warmth, detail and execution of presentation was outstanding.  In our hearts, we will always cherish the extra mile you gave for mother (Mama Fisher).  Her presentation - exquisite.  (written from the heart)

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